Good day my friends,

I am writing this on behalf of two very special men who have sacrificed so much to maintain your freedom and lifestyle.  I have appealed to you all fairly recently but we only managed to raise $2,500 and are still short of $22,000 for their special trip to Africa.

As a background for you all, I am a South African, married to Lauri, a Texan, and I have two boys at college in Texas, both are US citizens so I do have some connection and loyalty towards the US life.  Also coming from a military background have a personal connection with men of this calibre.  So to assist I have personally offered, every year from 2018 onwards, a safari in Africa for two wounded warriors, ex-special forces men, who need a thank you and appreciation for what they have sacrificed. What I have put together is a safari worth well over $30,000 and we are giving this as a 100% donation to them annually. It will include their accommodations, guide fees, transport, camp and field staff, catering, taxidermy fees, shipping fees and a personal video of the hunt for them.

But they still need funds to make it work.

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated, I know these two special men appreciate your support.  But there are a lot of you out there who can still help these guys out.  It is not much they are needing.  Click on the link below, it only takes a few minutes of your time and a small donation to show these men how much you value their sacrifice for your freedom.

One of the brave men coming out this year is Kevin Holland.  I have attached his personal story for you to read.  Kevin is the only man to have qualified and served as a Navy Seal and then returned to active service after 9/11 to qualify as a Green Beret! Wounded in action he is now undergoing rehabilitation and I am praying the safari I do for them will help in this process.  

The other man is still in active service so we cannot divulge his details but needless to say, he lost a leg in service, yet is still fighting for American freedom.  

They have served in over 2000 missions! Both have received numerous awards for bravery and valor, see the link below.

Both these men have sacrificed so much for you, please give a little back and let’s show them how much we appreciate their efforts.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart

John Abraham

Black Dagger Military Hunt Club Inc.

Kevin Holland Bio