Now therefore, please take your weapons,
your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.

– Genesis 27:3

We are committed to provide you, our client, with a most unforgettable African experience. Our professional hunters are skilled, ethical sportsmen who will ensure that you look back on your safari, and the manner in which each trophy was taken, with pride.

To us, not only the trophy but the entire experience is paramount. Our areas are regarded as the finest hunting blocks in Southern Africa, but the emphasis is placed on the thrill of the chase. On your return home, we want the memories of sight, sound, people, smells and the atmosphere of Africa to haunt you until you return. Hunting plays a major role in our conservation efforts in Africa. To this end the manner in which we hunt, the old animals we select as trophies and the ethical, professional image we portray as hunters will ensure hunting always remains critical to conservation. We will do our utmost to select old, top-quality trophy specimens for you, which will be hunted in fair chase. To do this, you will be required to, at times, walk a fair distance, endure heat, thirst and cold, and after all this make a good clean shot. It is essential you practice with your firearms prior to your arrival in Africa. Go ahead, use the bench at your shooting range to sight in your rifle, but also practice sitting, prone and offhand shots.

We have the exclusive trophy hunting rights to all our areas, which in turn are regarded as some of Southern Africa’s finest trophy hunting concessions. Emphasis is placed on fair chase ethical hunting so, except for a few select species, hunting is not conducted on high-fenced game ranches. It is very important that we are informed at the time of booking what your priority species are, and what the primary objectives of your safari are. This will allow us to allocate the best area to you and to ensure that the required tags are reserved for you from our set quota.

Certain species are restricted to minimum safari duration – these days have to be booked and paid for, irrespective of whether the animals are bagged or not. The minimum booking for plains game is seven days. For safaris ten days or less, only one area will be hunted while safaris of longer than fourteen days will allow two areas to be hunted.

Certain species are restricted to specific areas and trophy quality is better in some areas, so prior planning is important.