Firearm & Ammo Information

Upon your arrival in camp, you will be required to sight your rifle. Suitable rifle ranges, with solid shooting benches, are available. Prior to your departure from home, be sure to practice with your chosen firearms so you are at ease with their features and operations. We suggest your plains game rifle be sighted in 2 to 2.5 inches high at one hundred yards. This will in effect enable you to comfortably take shots 250 yards out without having to compensate for distance. For your heavy calibre big game rifles, dead on at one hundred yards is recommended.


Inferior quality bullets have been the cause of many wounded animals and unnecessary hours spent following up. Compared to the trophy fees and cost of a safari, bullets are cheap. Of the best available, trophy Bonded Bear Claw and Swift A-Frame would be our first choices for soft points. Barnes X and Nosler Partitions are also very good – but at times the Barnes tends to perform like solids, while the Nosler Partitions lose the front section and seldom retain more than 60% of their weight, Stay away from Hornady, Sierra and the like – although very accurate, these bullets do not hold up on tough, thick-skinned game.

Generally, solids are much the same in all the high-powered bolt-action rifles, good monolithic solids work best. Once again, trophy Bonded Sledgehammer or Barnes Super Solids will work well. Monolithic solids do not bend or fishtail. On slower,  large bore double rifles, we have found full metal jackets, such as Woodleigh bullets, to be best. Do not hesitate to discuss individual calibers, bullet weight and make, or other relevant items with your professional hunter. He knows the area, game and conditions and will be able to recommend to you not only bullets, but also calibers suitable for the game to be hunted.


Firearms require a temporary import permit, should you attempt to go through this process yourself, please budget at least 4 hours upon your arrival to do so. Our suggestion is to use our ‘Meet and Greet’ service, which will expedite this process. We would strongly recommend the use of an authorised agent and a charter flight to camp. This will expedite the process and ensure a speedy and trouble free arrival into the hunting area.

Professional Hunters

Madubula Safaris has a complete team of full-time professional hunters. All are highly skilled and experienced men complemented by a back-up staff of excellent trackers, skinners and drivers. Your professional hunter will be your companion for the duration of the safari – they are familiar with the hunting areas, conversant with the staff and local people and superbly experienced in the hunting field. All are fully recognized for their professionalism and
abilities in the field.

Your professional hunter’s priority is that you enjoy your stay in Africa in every way, paying attention to detail and providing top quality service. Please do not hesitate to communicate to him any special request you may have, or should you find anything amiss. He will spare no effort in obtaining top class trophies for you, and at the same time ensuring you have a memorable safari without compromise!