In Partnership with Ekuja Safaris Namibia

The partnership between Madubula Safaris and Ekuja Hunting Safaris opens up the whole of Namibia and offers the client not one but a total of five areas in the Caprivi (now Zambezi) Region of Namibia and another in the well known Bushmanland area, as well as some of the best plains game hunting in the Southern parts of the country.

Elephant, Buffalo, Hippo, Crocodile and a small selection of Plains game are also available on these hunts with the rest of Namibia offering phenomenal Plains game hunting. The Caprivi’s terrain varies from sandy woodland to thick reed beds and watery islands with Elephant and Buffalo as the primary species to hunt. 

Namibia also offers superb Leopard hunting with some really big heavy Toms being taken yearly.

The shy Dik Dik and elusive Cheetah are also available in certain areas but be aware that Cheetah is not importable to the USA.

All camps are up to standard with your typical East African style tents being used and all camps have generators for power.  Laundry is done on a daily basis and meals are superb.

You will be required to fly into Windhoek or Katimo Mulilo and from there we will meet you and start your Safari.

Quotas are limited and strictly controlled to ensure a sustainable off-take of quality trophies.  Contact us for pricing structures, packages and dates available.